Converting Freight Rail Operations to Net Zero Emissions

We Can Annually Mitigate Over 35 Million Metric Tons Of CO2 In The United States Alone

Today the main obstacle to realizing a net-zero rail transportation is the large capital investment needed.

Turning Decarbonization Into a Profit Opportunity

Voltify – An end-to-end solution for fright rail decarbonization at zero cost to you.

No Investment

Voltify funds the transition You just pay for your energy use.


Our solution are autonomous and complies with the highest safety standards.

Operational saving

Significant reduction in maintenance and operation cost.

No wait for charging

We plan VoltCars swaps only where there are fright drop-off's scheduled.

Dual-energy propulsion system

seamlessly transition to diesel mode any where, any time.

Carbon-Free & 100% renewable

Powered by renewable electricity and tier 5 standard.


Do We Do It



We connect our voltcars to each locomotive.



We Charge it with our voltifiers, a fast charging solution.


Renewable energy

We rely solely on 100% self-generated renewable energy sources, eliminating the need for grid dependence.



Our algorithm utilizes AI to forecast data and analyze real-time information to ensure energy consistency without compromising operational capacity.

The Founder's Track Record

18GWp+ of renewable power pipeline

Founded companies valued at over $1 billion.

1000 MWH of energy storage.

Get In Touch

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